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At Global Group, we hold the interest and trust of our shareholders as one of the most important principles. To this effect we believe that by following best Corporate Governance practices and dissemination of maximum information to stakeholders is healthy to the Group Companies and the stakeholders.

All the Group Companies adhere to the highest standards of Corporate Governance practices. Besides adhering to the Clause 49 of the listing agreement, the listed entities are also voluntarily complying with the recommendations of several other committees, like the CII, Cadbury and Blue Ribbon Committee.

The Group ensures that the Group Companies follow prudent Corporate Governance policies for enhancing shareholders wealth. Some of the initiatives taken are:

Composition of Board of Directors with an appropriate mix / balance of Executive and Non Executive Directors
Transparency and Accountability
Compliance with all applicable rules and regulations
Proper systems of risk management and internal control system
Timely flow of information to the Board, and its various committees for enabling them to discharge their duties effectively
The Group’s philosophy on code of governance are as follows:
Ensure that the quantity, quality and frequency of financial and managerial information, which the management shares with the Board, fully places the Board Members in control of the company’s affairs
Ensure that the Board exercises its fiduciary responsibilities towards shareowners and creditors, thereby ensuring high accountability
Ensure that the extent to which the information is disclosed to present and potential investors is maximized
Ensure that the decision making is transparent and documentary evidence is traceable through the minutes of the meetings of the Board / Committee’s there of
Ensure that the Board, the management, the employees and all concerned are fully committed to maximizing long term value to the shareowners and the company
Ensure that the core values of the company are protected
Ensure that the company positions itself from time to time to be at par with any other world class company in operating practices