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The Name
The Name “GLOBAL“ symbolizes Omnipresence, Diversity, Energy and Expanse. The Group has operations in sunrise sectors and new economy businesses. The Group is ever expanding and adding new lines of business and services to offer to customers. GLOBAL GROUP is truly a global enterprise with diversity in geographic presence, nationalities of employees, and businesses.

The Typeface
The “GLOBAL” typeface is specially created typeface. Corners of the text are intentionally rounded and add to the “Global” feel of the logo. The typeface gives a visual effect of speed of execution, grace, style and scale, which are all attributes of businesses that Global Group is into. The boldness and clarity of the typeface depicts the Vision, Spirit of entrepreneurship, Commitment and strength of the Group.

The Globe
The alphabet ‘O’ is substituted with a colorful globe in the word “GLOBAL”. This globe does not have an outline. Instead, it is shaped by a collection of free flowing strokes of 3 different colors symbolizing intellect, innovation, purity, warmth, youth, energy and drive. The globe symbolizes vibrancy and the spirit of Entrepreneurships with in the Group. The free flowing strokes in various colors denote the company’s expansion plans in various areas, retaining the core values.

The Colors

Colors symbolize the Group’s vibrancy, attributes, culture, and the spirit that drives the group forward, besides making the logo attractive. The colors also play an important role in connecting the group’s identity with the identities of flagship companies GTL Limited and GTL Infrastructure Limited.

The Tagline
“Endless possibilities” is a beautiful description of Global Group’s mission and vision. The Group has diversified into numerous services. It has provided solutions to seemingly impossible challenges. This undeniable spirit to lead the field and rise to the top is symbolized in the tagline. The tagline also signifies the entrepreneurial spirit of the Group, exploring new opportunities, moving into new frontiers of innovation, service excellence and commitment to build sustainable businesses.
Ethics & Transparency
Proactively manage change
Delight customers through superior services
Develop entrepreneurs through an achievement - oriented culture
Build a Sustainable global organization
Share knowledge and focus on end-result